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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Washington DC Trip

This is a rather selfish prayer request, but here goes.

September 12, there is going to be a 'tea party' in Washington DC. We'll be going to protest the government on the capitol lawn, and will- of course- go see some sights while we're there.

The only problem to this otherwise peachy-keen plan is two things- money, and time. Money is...well, pretty straightforward. It'll probably take quite a bit of money- several hundred, at least- to pay for just gas from here- Texas panhandle- to DC.

Time is also an issue, since my dad owns his own business, and he has to be able to take a couple weeks off.

So please just pray that, if it's the Lord's will, we will be able to take this trip. I'd really like to, as I think the Tea Party is important, and it would be a wonderful historical trip for our entire family to take.

愛于耶穌 - (Love in Jesus)


Megan said...

I've gone through things like this too, our trip WAS awesome, but only a few weeks after my dad got fired (for who knows what reason), and we were short of money for MONTHS but right when we were almost down to nothing, someone from our church (see, there is this guy that people gave him money to give to us, so we never know who really gave us the money, but we were vary thankful!!) would give us money!!! THAT is truly that works of god!

Merriette said...

I'll pray.