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Sunday, June 14, 2009


I shall be gone from July 4th to July 10th, I think.

Thought I'd let all of you know.


Alright, I'll be gone...

...from June 27th (or sometime around there :]) to July 9th.
Just wanted to let you guys know!

Blessings in Christ,

Bekah <><

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Christian Girl's Guide to being your best!

My older sister Marissa (also an author of this blog) Has this book called "The christian girl's guide to being your best!" I haven't actually read it all but I thought I'd stat sharing some of it with you:

What is being your best?
Trust in the Lord with all you heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. ~Proverbs 3:5-6

Jenna sat beside her parents in the high school gymnasium watching her brother Luke play in the basketball finals. It was a close game with lots of action, but Jenna's mind wasn't on the game itself. She was watching the cheerleaders; especially a girl named Lisa.
Lisa occasionally baby-sat for Jenna when Jenna's parents were going to be out too late for her to be alone. Jenna  looked forward to those nights because Lisa was a lot of fun to be with and she always had lots of ideas for things to do when they were together. Jenna thought Lisa was the prettiest of all the cheerleaders. Plus Lisa was always on the honor roll and she sang solos at their church. Best of all, Lisa was now dating Luke, so Jenna got to see her more often. That night, Jenna was looking forward to going out for pizza with her family and Lisa after the game.
In the last quarter, Luke scored six points and his team took the lead. When the final buzzer went off, Luke's team had won 88-84! Jenna cheered with everyone else, then she went to the car to wait for the others.
As Lisa approached the car, Jenna said, "I hope I an just like you when I get to high school!"
"Why?" Lisa asked as she tossed her pom-poms into the car trunk.
"Because you're pretty, smart, talented and the best cheerleader," Jenna answered.
Lisa laughed. "Thanks for saying that but I really just try to do the best I can with what I have."
"What do you mean? Jenna asked.
"Well, if you do the best you can with what you have for God and for others and for yourself," Lisa answered, "you'll be successful no matter what you do. That's a lesson my grandmother taught me. I've never forgotten it."
"But what if I do my best, and it just isn't good enough?" Jenna asked. " that wouldn't make me vary successful."
"But it would make you successful in God's eyes," Lisa said, climbing into the backseat. "He doesn't judge you by your looks or talents or by how smart you are. He knows what your best is and that's all he wants form you."
Lisa scooted to the middle of the seat as Luke and Jenna got in the other side. "My favorite bible verse is Proverbs 3:5-6," Lisa continued. "It says to trust in the Lord with all your heart, don't depend on your own understanding and remember the Lord in everything you do. Then he will give you success."
"I like that," Jenna said. "Maybe I should memorize the verses so I'll remember them when I'm not feeling good about myself."
"I'll help you with that later," said Lisa as Jenna's dad swung the car into their favorite pizza place. " But right now I want to 'be my best' at devouring a few slices of pizza!"

What is Success?
Lisa gave Jenna a good definition of what success is: doing the best you can with what you have for God, Others and yourself. To be successful in God's eyes, you don't have to be beautiful, have a lot of money or possessions, be a genius or even be popular. And you don't have to be and adult to be successful. You can be a success for God right now, whatever age you are.

Live Quiz!:
Take this quiz to see if you're on your way to success. Keep track of the answer that fits you best (and be honest), then score yourself at the end.

1. Your teacher announces and upcoming science fair. You are required to make a project and submit it. Science isn't you favorite subject, but you know you have to do the project so you:

a. Mumble and complain until your dad does it for you.
b. Decide that as long as you have to do it you might as well find a project you like and give it your best.
c. Just do it and get it over with.

2. Just as you sit down to watch your favorite TV show your mom asked you to peel some carrots to help with dinner. you:

a. Turn off the television, go peel the carrots and then ask if there is anything else you can d o to help.
b. Peel the carrots as fast as you cans so you don't miss muck of your program.
c. yell, "It's not fair. I never get to watch TV."

3. After you rake your own lawn, your mom asks you to rake your elderly neighbor's lawn. you are tired of raking. you:

a. Rake enough to make it look like you raked.
b. cheerfully rake up all the leaves.
c. moan and groan until your mom does it herself.

4. your mom asks you to clean your room. You see that some of your clothes are thrown over a chair, old test papers are scattered under your desk and you left some books from a research paper piled on the floor. You:

a. Put each item neatly where it goes.
b. Push everything under the bed so your room looks neat enough to please your mom.
c. Push everything into the closet because nothing more will fit under your bed!

5. Your teacher says that your class is going to have a talent show. Other classes will be invited to attend. he says everyone must be involved. you:

a. Decide to memorize the shorted poem you can find and recite it.
b. Plan to be sick that day.
c. Decide to use your writing talent to write something that would be both funny and informative.

Score your self and see how you did!
a: 0 points
b: 3 points
c: 1 point

a. 3 points
b. 1 point
c: 0 points

a: 1 point
b: 3 points
c: 0 points

a: 3 points
b: 0 points
c: 0 points

a: 1 point
b: 0 points
c: 3 points

On this Quiz I got an 8, What did you get (Please comment your score!).

How did you do?
how did you do? If you scored 10 or above, good for you! If you want to be a Christian girl at her best, you will use your talents, work hard even when you don't feel like it and always give 100%.

My thoughts:
I guess I need to work on Being my best in everything I only got an 8... I think reading this for the 2nd time  has really let it sink in. I'll be using this as a go through my 3 weeks of camp. (Please comment your thoughts, along with your score.)

I hope this had encouraged you to BE YOUR BEST!
(I'm sorry if I missed spelled any words or for got to add words. I had to type this my self.)

I hope this helped!


Okay, so maybe the other post I did today wasn't my LAST post but... I just wanted to tell you all about the Blog Button I made for Faith Around The world. It is on the Sidebar so you can put it on your blog!


Please pray

Someone that we (My family) knew (before we moved) Got pregnant, she is only like 16 and we are not sure what she is going to do. She is a girl we knew from church, so she is a Christian... But please just pray that God will show her what to do.


P.S this will be my last post until June 28th