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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prayers needed...

Hey everybody,

I just want to request prayer for my neighbor, Cory. He went through a divorce recently, and lives alone in this huge house. He's never home, and I can just feel his hurt whenever I'm around him. I would really appreciate prayer for him. Plus he's not a Christian, so imagine the pain he must be feeling right now!

Also, please pray for my aunt, Carrie. She also just went through a divorce (her second one), and she's struggling to raise three kids, as her ex-husband ran off with all her money. Of course, all my relatives are helping her, but how much fun is it to receive charity from your family? Definitely not as satisfying as earning it for yourself. When you pray for Carrie, I would really appreciate it if you slipped in one for my oldest cousin (Carrie's son from a previous marriage), Dakotah. My grandma was talking to me about how he is so pressured all the time: as he goes to a public school, and hangs with non-Christians. My grandma told me proudly that he refused drugs and worse so far, but he can always use prayer. And please pray for Jeff (Carrie's ex-husband) and Jeff's daughter, Tiffany. Both of them aren't Christians.

I know I have a lot of prayer requests, but here's another: my other uncle John, who, also, went through a divorce. He lives alone, and I'm seriously worried about him. I accidently overheard my grandpa talking to my dad, about how John way overworks himself, and how he was really worried. Also, my aunt (John's ex-wife) Julie fled to New York after the divorce, working for a jeweler or something; prayer for her would really be appreciated.

One last prayer request: one for my friend named Krista's mom. Michelle just gave birth to her...seventh (? or eighth...) child and I'm sure she's experiencing some up-and-down's (what with a one year old, a three year old, and a five year old, along with a whole bunch of other kids). And even more amazing is that: they're all homeschooled!

Lot of praying, huh? :D




Megan said...

Wow, lot's of divorces huh?
I don't understand why people get divorced anyway, it doesn't really solve any problems, it's just putting a hold on them.

I will be praying.


Merriette said...

I will be praying for all of them. Divorce is so hard.
At least Michelle has older children to help with the younger! And it's a bonus that they're homeschooled because then they're home to help! :D (just a different way to look at it)
They will all be in my prayers.

Hannah said...

I will be praying. My aunt Becky went through a divorce, so I understand the hardships of it. Though not completely, because I didn't go through one (and don't plan to).


Marissa said...

Wow. I will be praying for all of them!