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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


About: The camp I go to is called Mid West Bible Camp. It is located at the Lake Darling Youth Center, is Brighton Iowa. I've been going to it for a VARY long time and it is the same camp my Mom went to when she was a kid. It's vary helpful to see so many other kids with so much faith in God. The most touching week is Senior week, our (My family) First time of ever experiencing this week was last year. My older sister Marissa (Also one of the authors of this blog) was a Camper, and my mom was a cook and me, my 2 sisters, and 1 brother. Stayed there at the camp (we always do). It was really cool, so many things took place and it was a wonderful experience for anyone. There was a Pranal (Prayer Journal) that anyone could write in, and our Shelter House was used as a... I'm not exactly sure how to explain it... It was a place where People could go and pray. It was really awesome, and my sister had a great time.  Well, that's all about Senior week, Now I'll tell you about Intermediate week.
This summer (June) will be my First year of Actually being a camper at Intermediate week. Last year we were there because my mom was a teacher, and my Brother was a Camper. It was really fun, and I got to spend time with my friends that are a year older then me. Intermediate week is not as involved and Senior week, but it is still really fun and there are lots of people there that set good examples for us younger kids. Now, I've talked about Senior week and Intermediate week, now it's time for Jr. week.
Jr. week is the week that I've gone too for the past 2 years (I didn't go 1 year because we were moving, but usually you are supposed to go for 3 years), oh ya funny story: Last year I had chicken pox the week before Jr. and thank goodness I was over them by Jr. week!!! Anyway, The guy who Directs Jr. week is an AWESOME director!! He knows alot about Nature and stuff and is GREAT for younger kids (4-6 grades), so far my experience with Jr. week were really good! 
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