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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, my name is Kyla. I'm a Christian, saved by the grace of God, and hope to be able to make some sort of contribution here. You can visit my main blog- Teenage Musings- by clicking the name that I just put. (Yeah, I'm so original and all...)



Jo-snazz said...

Hey Megan,
Thanks for inviting me! I'd love to co-author the blog! This has potential for being a very good resource. Could comment on my blog with some details on what we'll be posting and such?
Thanks so much,
In Christ's love,

Bekah said...

Hi Megan,
Thank you for inviting me to co-author this blog. I would LOVE to!
How do I get on though? I'm wondering how I can actually get onto the dashboard and stuff...
Thanks again! I'm so happy that I got invited!


Megan said...

What do you mean Bekah?

Bekah said...

Sorry, I didn't check my email...I got it :D


Marissa said...

Glad to have to along (:

Hannah said...

Glad that your along. :D