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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More information on Zara

The next operation Zara will need to have is for her jaw...

By: Zara Ross

This is my story.......

3 years ago I was having a operation to remove my tonsils out,I started to suffer really bad ear pains on my right side,I went back to see the surgeon who operated on me and he wouldn't believe me he said I had attention seeking I got sent to see a another surgeon in his team,who did a MRI scan and found that he knocked the cartilage out of my jaw joint. Since then I have been attending a another Hospital 2 hours away from my home to see a Maxillofacial surgeon and I am facing my second operation later this summer where he will make a hole inside my face take the disc out and clean it,he may have to remove some tissues or bones that could be causing my pain.

I am also needing a new jaw joint replacement but I'm too young to undergo it yet


We will all be praying for you this summer, Zara, as you go through this operation.


Hannah said...

Oh, poor Zara. Make sure you tell her that we are praying for her.

EchoOfMercy said...

I'll be praying for her.


Concerning your comment on mt blog did you want me to become a follower, or to be a contributing author on this blog? I was a little confused.:)

Megan said...

Well, I'd like for you to be an author and that's what I meant... But If you don't have time, just follow! =)

Megan said...

oh, and I sure will Hannah!

La Espada De Dios said...

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Elizabeth J. said...

I'll be praying for you this summer. Zara, thank you for following my blog-it's very kind of you.=)

EchoOfMercy said...


Hmm...Well what would I be writing about?:)

Megan said...

Anything you'd like to that has to do with Christianity, and God.


EchoOfMercy said...

Hm. Well I'll pray about it and get back to you ok?:)