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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Excited for camp...

Okay, so I'm pretty sure I posted about camp last year... (checking...) YES, I did (click HERE) Well, I'm going to do another post on camp...

Okay so last year the theme was "REAL WORD" and personally it think it was a really good theme! Everyday we had a different subject on what the world says opposed to what God says... I don't remember what all of them were, but we all had a great time! :)
Here's a little description on what each week is:

Jr. week:
(4th-6th grade)
I went to Jr. week for 2 years as a camper (but I was there about 3 other years as a staff kid) and both years were awesome! The director is really fun and always knew a lot of stuff!!!! It was great and I learned a lot and made a lof of friends! Last year was my first year of being an O.P. (Older Phantom, were you're with your mom but you're too old to be a camper, a Y.P. is were you're with your mom but you're too young to be a camper), it was really fun because one of my friend's that I met when I was a camper was there and her cabin Counsoular (okay, my spelling is going to be really bad in this post because this computer doesn't have spell check!) let me stay in her cabin and it was really fun being able to help the younger kids! :)

Intermeadate Week:
(7th-9th grade)
Last year was my first year of being a camper at this week... I'll have to say, this has been my favorite week. The directors are THE BEST, they are really funny and well... They're just great... Last year was really fun and Well... I didn't really meet any new people, mostly everyone was people I knew from Jr. week... I had the best counsoler EVER! My Friend had brought one of those regular big bags of skittles and we (me, maddy, colby, erica, Emily, and Whitney) ate them in like a day... so when Emily went to get something in town she go us one of those 41 oz. bag of skittles!!!! it was the BEST and they lasted us the rest of the week (I think)... yeah, we had a great time!

Senior week:
I've been a Y.P. at this week for 2 years... it's pretty fun playing with the youger Y.P.s because they are always looking for something to do... we LOVE playing with Play dough... :)

Well, I've go to go do school now... TTYL!

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