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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zambia Missions' Trip


On June 1, 2010, I will be departing from my hometown on a jet plane. Ultimate destination- Lusaka, Zambia. We will be assisting Curtis and Juliana Johnson, two missionaries, with building, evangelism, and Vacation Bible Schools!! It is going to be an amazing trip.

Some things I need you all to pray for- firstly, for my funds. I still lack about $360 total- that's for my food and all that. So just pray that I'll be able to get enough babysitting and other side jobs done to pay for that (and to have some spending money, too!)

I'd also ask you all to pray as I prepare spiritually- I'm currently taking teaching Children Effectively Level 1 (with CEF) so I can be ready to teach some Vacation Bible Schools while there. Pray that I will be able to learn well enough that I can be effective while there.

Thanks much! I will probably be posting on this subject again, but for now-

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Megan said...

that's awesome Liberty! :)