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Monday, April 12, 2010

Being accepted

Hey girls! I make a magazine for my friends, it's called 'Daughter Of Christ' and the May/June issue is all about accepted... I've already started working on it so, I thought I'd post the 2 things I've written!


Accepted by Others
By: Megan Kristine Madison
Every girl wants to be accepted by others. They try to act the way others do to fit in, but they never let their true colors show. Less then 1 year ago, this was me. I was a girl trying to fit in and be accepted by everyone else. I had been keeping everything I felt and who I really was shut up inside myself. I didn’t did really have very many friends. Most of them were just people who I’d know for only a few years before we had moved into another state, and I only really knew them from writing letters. I only had 3 really ‘good’ friends and I only saw them once a year! When I did see them I would walk around with them just doing whatever they did, and I’m sorry to say, but they don’t really know the true me. I’m the kind of person that likes to always have a smile on her face, a girl who loves reading and writing, loves doing art work and crafts, who’s cray dream is to have a town where only her and her friends lived, and tries to follow God’s plan for her. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever let any of this show. My 3 friends only knew part of my true self, because I was afraid to show them the whole me. I was afraid of being weird. Everyone is afraid of being weird. But the truth is, you have to accept your self for who you are before anyone else can and before you can let people know you for who you are. The only people that I could truly show my true self to was my family. I could show my true colors around them because I knew they would always accept me for who I am. But whenever I was around my friends all my thoughts, feelings, and everything I was got shut up inside me and I became a totally different person. I wasn’t that girl who was always laughing, or that girl who would talk to you about totally random stuff. I wasn’t my true self. I changed so I would fit in, but be ACCEPTED. All this time while I was keeping my true self away from my friends, I’d never realized that if I’d just let my friends know the true me we’d have been better friends from the start. But, then me and my family moved to Iowa and I met some really awesome girls. In the process of becoming friends with them, it suddenly struck me: What really is normal? What really is ‘fitting in’?  I can tell you this, It’s now keeping yourself kept inside for the rest of your life! The problem is, everyone always thinks ‘normal’ is doing whatever everyone else does. Well, It’s not! Every person has their own NORMAL and that’s the true you! Everyone is always afraid of being weird, but the truth is, by trying to fit in with everyone else, you ARE being weird! If you’re afraid of losing your friends if you just be you, are they really worth it? Do you really want to keep yourself shut up for the rest of your life? I’ll tell you what, I know I don’t! And if it wasn’t for my awesome new friends here in Iowa, I’d still be that girl that wasn’t my true self. My new friends helped me to realize that people will accept me for who I am! And I’ll tell you this, once you let your true self show, you’ll never have better friends! These girls are the best friends I’ve ever had and I’ve know them for only 1 year! And it’s because I know their true self and they know mine! It’s great you know, having friends like this, you should try it sometime...

Free to Be Me
By: Megan Kristine Madison
Once there was a girl. 
Wanting to be accepted. 
She wasn’t sure she could be herself. 
She tried to change her ways, 
she tried to fit in. 
But it just didn’t seem right.
She wanted to be accepted for who she was, 
because her friends didn’t know who she truly was.
Then she met some awesome girls, 
she know she could trust them. 
So she set herself free from holding herself in.
 She had finally been accepted for who she really was. 
She was free.
Then she realized she 
had been accepted by someone all along. 
God accepted her for who she was.
 All she had to do was to let herself free.
This girl is Me.
Now I’m free to be Me.

I'd love to know what you think so drop me a comment!

Btw, I have a violin festival tomorrow, so please pray that it goes well! 
Megan :)

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Liberty said...

Very good! :) I would suggest, on the top article, that you seperate it up into some paragraphs, so that it's easier to read. I can't read stuff that isn't spread out and made into small chunks worth anything, so I make extensive use of paragraphs. :P

Megan said...

yeah, this is just my rough draft.... thanks for the tips!!!

Liberty said...

No prob. :)

Sara said...

I like it! That's really good encouragement!

Bob West said...

God has greatly gifted you. Jesus is the only one who we must ultimately please. Your blog is honoring to Christ the Lord!

Blessings to you, Bob