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Monday, December 14, 2009

Wow! christmas is here!!!

Wow! Christmas really is here! But doesn't it seem like you just don't have the right heart for christmas time all the time? I mean, I truly don't have a nice, helpful, loving, giving heart, all throughout the year, And I know other people don't either. For example, "Will you please let me go to the movies with you?" sally asks Jill and Jodi. "No, not to day" says Jill. "Oh, come one Jill, It's christmas!"
I mean why not say any ordinary day "Oh, come on it's October 14th!"  I mean truly, why can't everyone have a giving heart all year, not just around christmas or holidays! 
Well, that's the heart part, but what about the getting and getting part? All Christians know that christmas is about giving, not getting. Even little kids are getting the point about Giving at Christmas and the Christmas heart. For instance, I teach small little classes for my younger sister every monday, and this week I told her to write a poem that is about Christmas or Winter. This is what she wrote:
All about Christmas
By: Mallory Madison 
Age: 8
Christmas is fun, 
Christmas is fine, 
But do you know what Christmas is all about?
Christmas is about God's son, Jesus.
Jesus is the Christ,
God Sent his son to die for us,
It's not about the presents, it's about the Heart.

Isn't that just adorable? My sister is so cute!
But, doesn't that just tell you that even little kids know about the heart of christmas!
Even older kids & adults, especially Older kids & adults should set an example for the younger ones that they should have the "Christmas Heart" all year 'round. 

let me know YOUR thoughts on the christmas heart,

1 comment:

Twinkle Toes said...

I agree with you 100%!
You've just shown the true meaning of Christmas, and I hope people read this post and try to understand the meaning if they don't already.