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Thursday, December 24, 2009



kittyland said...


kittyland said...

Can you follow me and help me get more followers please:)
here is the blog
thanks : kittyland:)

Megan said...

Kittyland, I DO follow one of your blogs.... But there is a problem with your comments, It won't let you post a comment! I've tried ALL of your blogs and the it's the same with everyone of them... I think it might be your template (because It happened to me before...) Let me know if you figure it out!


P.S. If it's you template and you want to find a cool new background go here:

Rachel M. said...

Merry Christmas!!

kittyland said...

Ok , Megan I just fiked the problom so you can now follow me :)
Thanks for telling me that the blog had a problom :)
thanks , kittyland

CaraJean said...


CaraJean said...

I have a new blog if you wnat to follow it :P.
well here it is
and you can comment on my post because I fixed it :P.
hope you like the blog:P.
Bless you and your family