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Saturday, November 7, 2009


I am very sorry, but I simply have too many things going on in my life to participate in this blog anymore. I realized this a while ago, but kept it on my dashboard; but the truth of it is, I do not have time to post in any other blog but my own. What with NaNoWriMo, school, activities, and all, I'm sure you all understand.

But I'm very sorry about leaving. :( It's a wonderful blog: I will continue to follow it, read it, etc...but just cannot be a part of it any longer, due to this infernal business. Perhaps when November ends, I'll be able to participate in it once more. Who knows?

Anyways, thank you all...this is an amazing blog. I'm so glad I got to be a part of it.



Cassie said...

It's funny Bekah, I was feeling the same way... I'm not sure yet, but there will probably be a similar post from me soon.

Anonymous said...

I understand. I am sorry.

God Bless You And Your Family,

Megan said...

Bye Beckah! =(