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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What Is the World Selling to Girls of Today?

Now brace yourselves, girls, and don't be alarmed with what I'm about to say.

On Saturday my mom bought me a copy of 'Teen Vogue' magazine.

Now, wait, it's not what it seems. First, my mom bought it because she was extremely surprised to find that there was such a thing as a 'Vogue' magazine for teens and, after paging through it herself, she thought that it would be a good teaching experience for me to look though it and see what the world is expecting and selling the teen girls of today.

I sat down on the couch with my wonderful father and for a good forty-five minutes we looked at and discussed *almost* every page. It was so distressing to see the pictures and read the articles. Every other page had some mention of having a boyfriend or a "fling" or "crush" and there was a entire article discussing why "good girls" fall for "bad boys".

The girls posing for most of the pictures and adds were between the ages of 14 and 18, the majority looked to be about 16 years old. They were mostly wearing immodest dress, sensual makeup and many were posing inappropriately with male models.

The world is selling sex to its readers through this magazine. And it was horrible to realize that this is what teenage girls today are reading. Let's just say I did NOT regret throwing the magazine in the recycling when my dad and I were through with it!

During these valuable years of entering adulthood, those young women are focusing on boyfriends, dating, modern fashion and frivolous things of this world instead of working and striving towards the goal Christ has set for us and preparing for their future lives.

Let us purpose to become girls who are different from what the world tells us we should be.
Let us strive to remain pure until the day we marry the man God has chosen for us.

If you agree and share the goals, you may put this award/icon/badge that I made, up on you blog and feel free to pass it on to whomever feels the same way.

If you do take this, I'd love to know so I know that it's being passed along, so, if you could leave a comment, I would greatly appreciate it!

I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on this post.

爱和祝福,- Love and Blessings,

Originally posted on Inside My Mind on July 6, 2009


Kat Heckenbach said...

First of all, awesome that you have parents you can talk about stuff like this with. Second, more awesome that you are willing to take a stand!

What's really distressing is that these magazines are directed at teens, but you KNOW even younger girls are reading them.

Anonymous said...

I love that Teen Vogue Magazine! I have a subcription to it! I am going to cancel it now!

Shining Star

Anonymous said...

I agree with you!!
I put your button on my blog,

Megan said...

I totally agree!
It's just SO weird that girl are all over the "I've Got to get a Boyfriend" thing, it's plain weird! I'm SO putting the button on my blog (and this one) Thanks for the wonderful post!

Bekah said...

Wow, Cassie, incredible post, and SO true! You're so great, I'm so glad you're an author now! :)


Hannah said...

Very's disgusting to me, and so sad.


Hannah said...

I hate those magazines, completely agree with you.